How to Cure Palworld Bloodshot Eyes: A Comprehensive Guide

In the immersive world of “Palworld,” managing your Pals’ health and well-being is crucial for maintaining a productive base. One of the common issues players encounter is Pals developing bloodshot eyes, which is an indicator of stress and low Sanity (SAN). This guide will provide all the information you need to prevent and cure Palworld Bloodshot Eyes, ensuring your Pals remain happy and efficient.

Understanding Palworld Bloodshot Eyes

Palworld Bloodshot Eyes are a visual cue that your Pals are under significant stress. Stress can affect their performance and overall health, making it essential to address this issue promptly. Pals can become stressed for various reasons, such as overworking, lack of rest, or inadequate facilities within your base​.

Causes of Stress and Bloodshot Eyes

  1. Overworking: Pals assigned to continuous tasks without breaks are prone to stress.
  2. Lack of Facilities: The absence of stress-relief structures like Hot Springs can lead to stress accumulation.
  3. Insufficient Nutrition: Not providing adequate food can exacerbate stress levels.
  4. Harsh Environment: Poor base conditions and frequent battles can also contribute to stress.
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Identifying Stressed Pals

Stressed Pals can be identified by their bloodshot eyes and a general decrease in performance. They may also exhibit other symptoms, such as sluggishness and reluctance to perform tasks. Monitoring your Pals regularly is crucial for early detection and treatment of stress-related ailments.

Steps to Cure Bloodshot Eyes

Building Hot Springs

The most effective way to relieve stress and cure Palworld Bloodshot Eyes is by building Hot Springs. These facilities provide a place for your Pals to relax and recover their Sanity.

Requirements for Building Hot Springs:

  • Reach Level 9 in the Technology tab.
  • Collect 30 Wood, 15 Stone, 10 Palladium Fragments, and 10 Pal Fluids.


  1. Level Up: Ensure you are at least Level 9 in the Technology tab to unlock the Hot Springs.
  2. Gather Materials: Collect the necessary materials by exploring and defeating water-type Pals like Celaray, which drop Pal Fluids.
  3. Construction: Build the Hot Springs within your base boundaries. Pals will automatically use them when stressed, significantly improving their Sanity​​.
  4. Providing Adequate Food and Rest

Ensuring your Pals have access to food and rest is essential. Hunger and fatigue can increase stress levels, leading to bloodshot eyes.


  1. Feed Boxes: Place Feed Boxes around your base to ensure Pals have easy access to food.
  2. Rest Areas: Designate areas where Pals can rest when not working. This can include simple shelters or designated free time in their schedule.
  3. Manual Feeding: If a Pal is too stressed to eat independently, manually feed them by picking them up and placing them near a Feed Box.
  4. Using the Medicine Workbench
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You can use the Medicine Workbench to create medical supplies for more severe cases of stress-related ailments.

Requirements for Medicine Workbench:

  • Reach Level 12 in the Technology tab.
  • Collect 30 Wood, 10 Palladium Fragments, and 5 Nails.


  1. Level Up: Ensure you are at least Level 12 in the Technology tab.
  2. Gather Materials: Collect the necessary materials by exploring and defeating certain Pals or looting fallen enemies.
  3. Craft Supplies: Use the Medicine Workbench to create Low-Grade and High-Grade Medical Supplies as needed​.

Preventing Bloodshot Eyes

Balanced Work Schedule

Maintaining a balanced work schedule for your Pals is crucial. Avoid overworking them by rotating tasks and providing regular breaks. This helps prevent stress buildup and keeps their Sanity levels high.


  • Task Rotation: Rotate Pals between different types of tasks to prevent monotony and fatigue.
  • Scheduled Breaks: Incorporate regular breaks into your Pals’ schedules to allow them time to relax and recover​.

Enhancing Base Facilities

Investing in additional facilities and upgrading existing ones can help keep stress levels low. This includes building more Hot Springs, rest areas, and recreational facilities.


  • Multiple Hot Springs: Having multiple Hot Springs ensures that all Pals have access to relaxation whenever needed.
  • Recreational Areas: Create areas where Pals can engage in recreational activities, reducing stress​.

Monitoring and Quick Response

Regularly monitor your Pals for signs of stress and respond quickly to any issues. Early detection and intervention can prevent stress from escalating and causing severe health problems.


  • Frequent Check-Ins: Check on your Pals frequently to catch any early signs of stress.
  • Immediate Action: Take immediate action if you notice any Pals with bloodshot eyes or other stress indicators.
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Managing stress and curing Palworld Bloodshot Eyes is essential for maintaining a productive and healthy base. You can ensure your Pals remain happy and efficient by building Hot Springs, providing adequate food and rest, using the Medicine Workbench, and implementing preventive measures. Regular monitoring and a balanced work schedule are crucial to preventing stress-related issues from affecting your Pals.

FAQs: How to Cure Palworld Bloodshot Eyes

What causes Palworld Bloodshot Eyes?

Palworld Bloodshot Eyes are caused by stress and low Sanity (SAN) levels in your Pals. This can result from overworking, lack of rest, insufficient nutrition, and inadequate stress-relief facilities​.

How can I prevent my Pals from getting bloodshot eyes?

To prevent bloodshot eyes, ensure your Pals have a balanced work schedule with regular breaks, access to adequate food and rest, and facilities like Hot Springs for stress relief​.

What is the most effective way to cure Palworld Bloodshot Eyes?

The most effective way to cure bloodshot eyes is by building Hot Springs in your base. These allow your Pals to relax and recover their Sanity, reducing stress levels quickly​.

What are some signs that my Pals are stressed besides bloodshot eyes?

Other signs of stress include sluggishness, reluctance to perform tasks, and a general decrease in performance. Regularly monitoring your Pals can help detect these signs early​​.

Can I use medical supplies to treat Palworld Bloodshot Eyes?

You can use the Medicine Workbench to create medical supplies for more severe stress-related ailments. This requires reaching Level 12 in the Technology tab and gathering the necessary materials.

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